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Welcome to Elf Owl Healing Arts,

home of hands-on healing sessions, property readings, and community grief rituals.


Welcome. I'm Wendy.

I’m passionate about listening to the living world. I love being in partnership with energy to help people move and breathe within their stuck places. I am in service to relaying healing messages from spirit. I am in awe of the power of community ritual and its ability to help us grieve. I am dedicated to helping people feel more resourced and am always aspiring to be in deeper relationship with the land.

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Boulder, CO

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Wooden Hut

I honor the traditions and people buried deep in the Rocky Mountain foothills I have called home for my adult life: Arapahoe, Ute, Cheyenne-- the vast majority of whom have been either displaced or erased from their ancestral homeland here in this region. Collectively honoring the native peoples of this land has thus far been painfully inadequate, as the oppression of indigenous peoples is ongoing. And how does one reconcile holding healing rituals from faraway traditions on land whose native traditions were subject to expulsion? I continue to strive to be in relational integrity with the wounded earth and peoples here, knowing that we have a long way to go towards reparations and reconciliation here on this land, and indeed this whole continent.

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