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I feel closer to myself than I have in a long time.” -R.W.



Elf Owl Healing Arts sessions synthesize two decades of energetic study into one unique experience, providing a deep sense of wellness and expansiveness. While every session is different, Healing Arts sessions can combine Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (working with angels and emotions), Ancestral work, Plant Spirit Medicine (for structural alignment), and Dagara medicine.

There are many reasons to pursue a Healing Arts Session--just surviving on the planet at this time requires a lot of tending, care, and support! People often seek sessions when experiencing:



In-person, hands-on, one-on-one sessions are 60-75 minutes.

Distance sessions can be done individually or as a package of  4 shorter 20-minute sessions over 4 consecutive days.

As a Reiki Master, I have devoted myself to being a lifelong student of universal life force energy. Reiki is one of the gentlest yet profoundly effective healing therapies on Earth.

Receiving Reiki can often feel like a dose of kindness. It has the power to soften hard edges, alleviate pain, calm mental static, and it can provide a safe container for emotions to flow. Reiki also has the power to resolve difficult relationships and bring ease to challenging situations. It has been known to provide deep relaxation and alignment on many levels, settling the nervous system while creating an ecosystem that generates the body's own natural capacity for healing.

Powerful in its own right, Reiki is also very compatible with many healing modalities. Reiki can help to facilitate the arrival of helpful ancestors and other healing energies during a session. My work with Plant Spirit Medicine is also bolstered by the presence of Reiki. I honor and bow to all the wisdom energies who show up in each session.

Moonlit Night
Cherry blossoms
elf owl in a saguaro

Stress and overwhelm

Grief and loss

Wanting one’s body to generate healing

Nervous system disregulation

EMF sensitivities
Disenchantment, resignation, or stuckness

Loss of connection to Spirit

Disconnection from oneself

General pain and discomfort


Mental overload

Structural alignment issues

Energetic issues

Lack of support

cowrie shell
Above the Clouds

Reiki for Grief


I know first-hand what it's like to be awash in the lonely, sometimes shocking, and often complex territory of loss, which is why I feel a calling to offer Reiki for folks in different stages/experiences of grief. Often times in grief, we are left with confusion, pain, and a whole mess of feelings that can be difficult to sort out. The gentle effect of Reiki can help clear away emotional static and mental confusion, helping soothe some aspects of the pain. It is also a wonderful complement to talk therapy. No matter where you are on your grief journey, let's talk about how this work may be able to support your healing.  

pebble beach

"Since suffering my head injury, I have felt so out-of-sorts, highly overwhelmed, easily disturbed. It was soothing to feel something so different; to know that it's possible to feel okay in my body right now, and that everything is going to be okay. That sense of ease, relief and comfort gives me strength to continue allowing my body to recover and heal itself in the coming months.


Thank you for guiding me toward greater integration, understanding and healing through this beautiful offering." -RP Whitmore-Bard 

Cherry Blossoms

Warm and heart-full presence

Touches shoulders, heart, and spine

Energy rushes

River changing pace

Pooling, deepening, transforming

Held in love and power

Testimonial haikus

by Rorey King

Moonlit Night

"Holy, holy, holy! I have not felt this rested and restored since I can remember! I feel reconstituted in the most vital way. Wow. Thank you for your medicine."

-Yasmin Suarez Shaddox, Soulskin Journeys


"After our session I felt so shiny and clean, and also with a foot

in another world." -Fox L. Drickey

Booking sessions for December '23-January '24

Please reach out if you or a loved one would like a session.
Sessions can be done from a distance or in person
at my office near Lyons, CO.
Email for inquiries and scheduling:

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Let’s Work Together

Use this form for ritual inquiries or inquiries about one-on-one healing sessions.

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